Specializing in mobile phone based legal practice management and billing


Lawyer Client Portal

Can be accessed across computers, tablets, smart phones and smart watches with mobile app.

Task, Events & Workflow

Tracks events, intakes forms, Checks off and auto-manages tasks, E-scan & E-sign of documents, Submits invoices

Document Management

Manages and auto-fills lawyers' and their clients' documents

directly through LegalIO's dashboard

Legal Trust Accounting & Reporting

LegalIO's Quickbooks Online and LawPay integrations will ensure:

Compliant with Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts (IOLTA)

account rules

Billing & Invoicing

Generates, prints and sends out as many invoices as required. Clients will be able to track billable hours.

Time tracking & Expenses

Smart time tracking solutions calculates legal professionals' billable hours on a monthly cycle, solving the ongoing problem of underpayment due to failure of manual recording of every work hour

  • LegalIO offers secure live-chat between lawyer and client, removing risks of malpractice. Other law firm admin can also monitor and participate in the chat, if necessary.

  • LegalIO calendar keeps clients and lawyers up to date with important upcoming milestones with push notifications and alerts.

  • Secure and easy to use client portals, time stamping and billing options, choice of electronic payment and electronic signing offers fantastic solutions to the challenges faced by law firms.

  • LegalIO provides cloud based storage and management system that meets strict legal regulatory and cyber security standards.

  • LegalIO saves costs for law firms with cloud-based system eliminating the need for buying new software when old software becomes obsolete.

  • Consolidate each lawyer's personal calendar, law firm's office calendar and email correspondence to one central software.


Executive Team

Anup Tamakuwala

Anup has an undergraduate and masters degree in Computer Science from Cornell University, and has mastered in business administration and statistics/econometrics. He has worked extensively on Wall Street for Creditex, which created an online exchange for credit derivatives and credit default swaps, as well as Bloomberg LLP, a financial software services company based in NYC. He has written software for exchange connectivity connecting to worlds financial future exchanges for Bloomberg LLP including Liffe, Eurex, Euronext, CBOT, CBOE. He has worked as a software developer with Global Sale Side Equity Order Management Systems (GSSEOMS) routing equity orders broker-to-broker instead of broker-to-exchange and trade execution/reporting for all parties of the transaction.

Anup also has extensive experience in construction, construction management, and running and managing hotels in the NYC market in the form of various family businesses and partnerships and it is from this experience that the idea for practical, real world business solutions in the form of apps was first formed.  Anup is heavily involved in the hospitality sector in Miami and New York as investor, operator and hospitality industry board member.

Sridhar Chidurala

Sridhar has a master's degree in Computer science. He is an avid technologist with years of experience building various software applications and products. His primary focus is on building data intensive platforms, Mobile and web based applications. Sridhar has consulted with various start ups to architect technical solutions. He has worked for Telecommunications, E-commerce, Financial and publication companies.

Zafreen Mahfooz
Senior Marketing Strategist 

Zafreen has LL.B (Bachelor of Laws) from University Of London, LL.M (Masters in Human Rights Law) from University College London and N.V.Q (Level-4) in Management. She has worked for Equality & Human Rights Commission (EHRC, UK), PICUM (Brussels), Amnesty International (UK), Praxis (U.K). She worked extensively with Social Services, Local Authorities, UKBA, GOs and NGOs. She represented clients in tribunals, civil courts and has assisted law chambers on cases in Court Of Appeal and European Court Of Human Rights (ECHR). Her 10+ years as a human rights professional focused on practice and policies around migration, destitution, social integration, sexual and gender-based violence. 


Since migrating to NYC, she redirected her career in the U.S publishing and creative industry. Her versatile portfolio includes her roles as; Event Manager for The Great Lectures, PR Manager for an international Art project ‘The First Supper’, Publicist for a theatrical play ‘Women of New York’. She wrote and edited for Townsend Press and other literary agencies. She writes online content for private clients and commercial websites. She reviews restaurants, films and theatre for PR and marketing firms. She is currently involved in the PR work of Spotlight Artist Management.





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